Watercolor Art Blocks

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11 x 14 in.

A selection of six watercolor and graphite reproductions of works by Alice Carmen Gouvy (1863–1924) and Lillian A. Palmié (1873–1944) are the ideal “ready to hang” pieces for your walls or table. The archival quality giclée prints are housed in a hand-stained ash wood frame. These art blocks are freestanding but also come with hardware to hang on your walls. Select one or exhibit your own little group.

Berries, 1902, Lillian A. Palmié
Tomatoes, 1901, Alice Carmen Gouvy
Tulips, c. 1901, probably Lillian A. Palmié
Violets, c. 1901, Alice Carmen Gouvy
Vines, 1901, Alice Carmen Gouvy
Wild Cherry, c. 1901, probably Alice Carmen Gouvy

Made exclusively for The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Winter Park, Florida.

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