Custom Tiffany Window Shades

Tiffany leaded glass window inspired custom shades.


These new window shades by Gallery Shades LLC feature leaded-glass designs by Tiffany Studios from the Morse Museum collection. Made of fine translucent fabric, this light-filtering fabric provides sun control while allowing natural light into your room. At night, the shade reflects the room light and becomes a magnificent work of art.


Custom shade featuring Tiffany Studios Mellon window Custom shade featuring Tiffany Studios daffodil window


Minimum: width 34 in.; length 45 in.
Maximum: width 37 in.; length 70 in.
(Printed border frame width may vary slightly from that shown, depending on shade size.)

Lift System
Classic spring roller
Child and pet safe

Provides finished look
Hides roller and hardware
Included free ($75 value )

The entire shade will be mounted inside the window frame opening, including hardware such as mounting brackets and fascia. The shade fabric also hangs within the window opening. This mounting style is recommended—a clean, built-in sleek look, it maintains the attractive window moldings on display.

Window opening needs to be deep enough for the shade hardware, and there will be a slight light gap on each side of the shade.

To order, please visit the Gallery Window Shades LLC website.